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3D - processing

  • Working off parametres
    1. 1. Input of the seismic data and the description of geometry of observations
    2. 2. Calculation of the aprioristic static corrections
    3. obtaining static corrections by tomographic inversion
    4. Analysis of the wave field and the choice of the graph preprocessing seismograms
    5. Pre-processing of seismograms
    6. Deconvolution
  • Count of processing
    1. Correction of surface-consistent amplitude variations
    2. Correction of static corrections
  • Preparation for kinematic processing
    1. Determining the kinematic parameters of the waves
    2. Procedure for nonstationary adaptive attenuation of multiple waves
    3. Transient selective predictive deconvolution
    4. Building tolstosloistoy depth-velocity model
    5. Decisions of a three-dimensional kinematic problem
    6. Retrieving dynamic deep cuts
  • Post-migration treatment
    1. attribute of the fluid factor
    2. attributeintercept
    3. coherence cube