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VSP Processing

  • Technique
    1. the Estimation of quality of primary materials
    2. the Count of preliminary processing
    3. the Count of the basic processing a VSP
  • the Analysis of features of a wave seismic field
    1. the Direct falling longitudinal wave
    2. the Longitudinal unitary-reflected waves
    3. the Direct falling cross-section wave
    4. the Exchange reflected waves
    5. Waves-hindrances
  • the Stratigrafichesky binding
    1. the comparative analysis of the data a VSP, a LOG, land seismic prospecting
    2. a finding of position of the general point of hodographs of a straight line and the reflected waves
  • the Analysis of speeds
    1. the Characteristic of a high-speed cut
    2. Distribution of average speeds
    3. Formation of layer high-speed model
    4. the Characteristic and seismogeological interpretation of time and deep sections a VSP on the longitudinal and exchange reflected waves
  • Studying of absorption of energy of seismic fluctuations
    1. Schedules of the brought amplitudes and effective factors of attenuation of a direct longitudinal wave
    2. Schedules =f(H) , calculated on the reflected wave
    3. the Estimation of accuracy of calculation of averages and layer velocyties
  • How dose the VSP online processing works