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Cracked software

Working in the Central Asian republics, I am so often faced with a broken software that I wanted to describe this phenomenon. We are talking about the geophysical software. So

What break?
Yes, all. Petrel, Kingdom Suite, SeisWare, Mesa, gedco Vista, SeisX, Focus, gmg Millenium, arcGis, Omega ...

1. Optimization of the cost.
On the 5th of jobs taken a license (provided ligitimnost use of this software) and 4 polygonal version.
2. Trial
We must make a choice in favor of a particular software. Trial period, often enough. And not all of it is given. And what would you do? Buy 3-4 Package, knowing that you will use only one? Or take a cat in the bag?
3. complement each other
Very often mutually complementary packages. Petrel is better done in the interpretation of 3D, but with 2D - ugly. Complementing his old SeisX (under Windows) - you can get out.

who is breaking?
You can, and more.
1. The so-called civilized world.
  • price - the maximum.
  • Guaranteed fraud. For by him mow people from third countries in the world.
2. Indians.
  • price - the average.
  • The probability of fraud is very high.
3. Chinese.
  • price - the minimum.
  • How lucky. Kidok usually veiled. You can get what they want, but not in working condition.
4. Russian
  • The prices are significant.
  • Probability fraud - considerably less than that of the rest.

Is this good or bad?
It is clear that the manufacturer does not like it. In my opinion - nothing. Experience shows that starting with breaking software, sooner or later, people are buying a license. Perfect example - Microsoft. For all the shortcomings. In the 90s it is not broke just lazy. And as a result. A generation that grew up in Microsoft products. now in Russia Sales of Microsoft give a lot of money.

Summary: Use the licensed products.
But if you need advice - contact us. From vulgar fraud deliver.